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Our Culture

"Nurturing a Culture Rooted in Values and Harmony"


At our core lies a rich cultural tapestry woven with deep-rooted beliefs in the essence of balance and values. Gratitude, compassion, and sincerity are not just words; they are the very fibers that compose the fabric of our operations. Our philosophy extends to our steadfast faith in the potency of family unity and the empowerment of education.

Creativity is our heartbeat, and we welcome it with arms wide open. An open-door policy symbolizes our commitment to fostering an environment where ideas flow freely, unencumbered by barriers. Within our community, diversity is cherished, and differences are honored even before the echoes of our commonalities.

In the face of challenges, we stand strong as a united front.


We firmly believe that extending a hand to one another during times of crisis is not just a choice; it is the compass guiding us forward on the path of progress. As event planners, we carry these values close to our hearts, infusing every moment we craft with the spirit of authenticity, empathy, and unity. Join us in a journey that celebrates culture, values, and the unwavering strength that emerges when we stand as one.

The Bougainvilleas Event Venue Front Door, Outdoor Flowers, Outdoor Look at Venue in Houston, Texas, Red Carpet, Flowers

Beautiful venue in Houston!
warm, loving and caring staff

Yasmin A.

Owner of The Bougainvilleas, Badra Andrews, Venue Owner, Business Woman, Nawbo President, Hospitality Industry, Goldman Sachs

Making Dreams Come True

A noted businesswoman, Badra is known for exceptional customer service skills. She has an incredible eye to detail with the ability to transform a venue while constantly exceeding her clients’ expectations. With over 30 years in the hospitality industry, Badra has become a lead mentor to everyone she meets.

Badra is a proud Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Alumni and serving as president of National Association of Women Business Owners - Houston Chapter in 2020-2021. 


She has a smile that brightens up any room, and when she is not working she enjoys morning strolls and her three adorable grandchildren. 

Badra Andrews
CEO & Owner

Fantastic service, food was EXCELLENT, elegant environment and the value was incredible

Dan O.


Design at The Bougainvilleas Houston, Event Decor, Wedding Decor, Linens

This is 100% the place to have any reception, the staff is AWESOME

Asmiria J.

I was impressed with the quality and the attention
I got from Elisabet

Luceli L.

Chef of The Bougainvilleas Houston, TX - venue in Houston, Restaurant in Houston

The Secret Ingredient is Love

Chef Javier has been in the industry for over 26 years. He moved to the U.S. at the age of 16 and joined the hotel industry. Since then he has worked for some of Houston's finest restaurants until he joined The Bougainvilleas venue and family in 2014.

His passion and creativity continue to amaze our clients everyday. He is known for his unique food designs, working under pressure and beautiful fruit carvings. 

On his day off, Javier enjoys painting, crafts, and being a loving husband and a father of six. 

Javier Solis

The real showstopper however was the food -- OMG

Omar S.

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